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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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23 November - Bexley council desecrates Sidcup, now Blackfen is in its sights - click any image for photo gallery (4 images)

The George Staples Parking machine Closed shop

As predicted I took myself along to Blackfen yesterday, a place I had never set foot in before. I’ve driven through it a few times but never stopped; which is maybe a good thing because that could have earned me a parking ticket but it also means that I have missed out on a little shopping centre which I found more interesting than the council favoured Bexleyheath Broadway. One has to wonder why that single shopping centre is so honoured by Bexley council, probably it is self-interest as their staff can simply cross one road to do their own shopping.

I went to Blackfen because of persistent reports of harassment of shoppers and traders alike by councillor Craske’s gestapo team and when the word got around that I was there to report it here I was given free tea, offered a free meal in the cafe and use of their toilets; there being none available in the street. I obtained so much material that most of it will be held over for another day but meanwhile here is a brief summary of the situation.

There used to be a free council car park behind the pub, but the council sold it off leaving the 40 plus commercial premises to the east of the centre of town with just seven on-street parking places; for which a charge of 40 pence for half an hour has now been introduced. Are any other of the borough’s small shopping communities made to suffer in this way? Selling off parking spaces is reminiscent of Craske’s stupidity in Sidcup. It seems that Bexley council is intent on damaging businesses. We’ve seen it recently in Albany Park and in Pickford Lane. It was narrowly avoided in Nuxley Road, Sidcup is a disaster zone and now it is Blackfen’s turn. Councillor Peter Craske the architect of all this misery must be a truly evil man.


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