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Bonkers Blog February 2010

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26 February - Bexley council makes things as difficult as possible for businesses in Pickford Lane - click any image for photo gallery (6 images)

Pickford Lane closed Minor roads closed Buses divertedPickford Lane has been closed all week. Signs at its extremities on Long Lane and Crook Log tell drivers that the road ahead is closed and it is, totally, with side roads blocked off too. And the reason for this council imposed inconvenience and attack on local businesses? A simple resurfacing job. I assume the resurfacing was essential; if it was anything like Abbey Road with its myriad depressions, subsidence and ineffective drains it would have been a nightmare for pedestrians hoping to avoid a drenching on wet days. But why close the whole road instead of keeping one carriageway open with traffic controls? To suit Bexley council’s convenience probably. With few of the staff having the initiative to have ever managed a business and suited only to protected jobs with gold-plated pensions they wouldn’t have a clue about trying to make an honest living as a businessman. Much the same goes for the parasites who call themselves politicians. Few would have a clue what it is like to live without the sugar coating of endless expenses claims.


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