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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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7 December - It’s the cuts stupid

No cuts Cut

If I hadn’t heard it from her own lips I may not have believed that the Leader of Bexley council would tell a questioner at the council meeting on 17th November that the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government was wrong to think there is no need to have both a full time council leader and a chief executive and generally rubbish his ideas to bring the council gravy train to a halt. When his representative visits Bexley in two days time it should be interesting to see if Bexley’s greedy councillors stick with their intransigence. Raising all the top salaries and expense allowances by inflation beating amounts and then freezing them does not constitute a cut - it’s a big tax-payer funded pay rise.

Baroness Hanham has had to pull out of the meeting but the good news is that her substitute, Richard Harries, Deputy Director (Local Government Efficiency) is not afraid to speak his mind. When emailed the question “Would you agree to state during your speech to the residents of Bexley that Will Tuckley, Chief Executive of Bexley Council should not be receiving a salary way in excess of the Prime Minister and recommend to the Leader of Bexley Council that she does all in her power to get the salary considerably reduced, as recommended by the Secretary of State?”, Richard Harries simply replied that he would be “happy to set out the Government’s position if asked”. You can bet that he will be.

Maybe James Brokenshire M.P. will be further encouraged to get off the fence too.


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