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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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11 November - Brokenshire; broken promises - click image to read his correspondence

James Brokenshire M.P.

I was rather taken aback to see this image (this copy is slightly blurred but you will get the idea) on another local site (and on Google Images) a couple of weeks ago, maybe it is because I don’t know the new Conservative M.P. for Old Bexley and Sidcup. I’m not usually squeamish when it comes to descriptions of our local politicians; I have no difficulty labelling Craske a liar, because he has a long history of lying, most recently over the issue of parking permits, and similarly he can be called vindictive because of his reaction to Felix Akele’s mistake but there is something slightly sinister and shocking about Brokenshire’s ‘tattooed’ image. For me it is reminiscent of the time when you still saw elderly people in the street with tattooed numbers from their days under the Nazis. Bexley council may believe Nazi-like practices are acceptable but it doesn’t mean those opposed to their regime should stoop to their level.

Mr. Brokenshire’s claim to fame is that he said if elected he would protect Queen Mary’s Hospital’s A&E and maternity services. As we have seen, he allowed the hospital management to get one over him, and closure of both is imminent. Goodness knows how Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s A&E will cope: when I had the misfortune to be a patient at QEH last January the medical care was decent enough while it lasted but the administrative stampede to get me dosed up with morphine and out into the night before the four hour target with no money and no friends on hand to assist me in my drugged up state I wouldn’t wish on anyone, Craske included.

I’ve less sympathy with Brokenshire’s stance on fat cat council salaries. When one of his constituents asked him if he supported the Prime Minister’s cut and freeze on ministerial salaries and the call by various ministers that local government senior executives should take the same path he couldn’t actually bring himself to say that he agreed, preferring to shilly-shally around and imply it wasn’t his business. He said there was a need to reduce the senior salary budget, that’ll be posts not salaries, but why can’t he just say he agrees with his senior government colleagues? The correspondence may be read here.


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