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About this site

This site was created as a reaction to Andrew Bashford of Bexley Council’s traffic planning department’s constant inability to answer questions, councillor Peter Craske’s failure to consult, and councillor John Davey’s nearly 100% recod of not answering emails.

It was against a history of apparent incompetence and occasional illegal actions over many years but it was Mr. Bashford who developed procrastination, evasion, neglect and bluster to an art form. It is him who provoked the creation of this site aided and abetted by the Chief Executive, Will Tuckley, who never once answered any email on any subject.

The name of the site was inadvertently provided by the councillor for the Lesnes Abbey ward who, referring to one of Bexley’s road designs, said it was “absolutely bonkers”.

Until October 2010 the whole site was the work of me, Malcolm Knight, but since that time an increasing number of Bexley residents concerned about Bexley council’s scant regard for democracy have provided information on a regular basis.

As far as is practical this site publishes direct quotations to make its case. If you can supply evidence that anything is factually incorrect please use the Contact page and action will be taken.

Site launched : 24th September 2009
Blog format changed from annual to monthly sections : 29 November 2010
Blog format changed from monthly to daily sections : Progressively mid-February to mid March 2015
Remaining shtml pages converted to php in preparation for the introduction of a new menu : September 2016

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