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Colin Bloom - Conservative parliamentary candidate

Colin Bloom's election paper

Colin Bloom, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Erith & Thamesmead circulated a handbill to his possible constituents during the Summer of 2009 and told us we were “worried about crime and social disorder and the economy and our jobs”. Well yes we may be but the economy will be in the biggest ever mess ever whoever is elected and no one but Mr. Brown believes his ‘good cuts’ ‘bad cuts’ message. It will be tough whoever gets the job of dragging us from the abyss created by the present government. But the PPC is blinkered. The big issues of Europe overruling our sovereign parliament and unchecked immigration do not get a mention at all. Nothing about undoing the creeping criminalisation of the entire population by a plethora of petty rules either.

There are a couple of things in his leaflet to suggest he may be a Conservative, such as “the state should be small” and, oh dear, I cannot find another one. So unless Colin is prepared to stop tip-toeing around the real issues in his politically correct pinko manner he can whistle for my vote.

Mr. Bloom then confirms my cynical view of any politician’s worth by giving me an incorrect web address for his blog. If you cannot wait to read it then this address may prove to be more reliable than his. The local party’s website may be reached from here.

Note : In subsequent election addresses Mr. Bloom did claim to be a Euro-sceptic and Colin no longer has a blog.
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