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Bexley council - worst of the bunch again

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There are reports in the local papers that Bexley is the worst borough in London when it comes to satisfaction levels over refuse collection services. I find that surprising as I’ve not seen any problems for many months and if friends and relations in Bromley, Islington, Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest are to be believed they aren’t too happy with bin collections either. Nevertheless Bexley got a 61.5% rating while others got around 80%. I suspect that much of the local population thinks Bexley council is totally useless and are only too well aware that they levy the highest taxes, so won’t give them credit for anything. A Freedom of Information Request reveals that the proportion of reported missed bins fluctuates but is mostly better than 1 in 500 collections.

There’s no doubt that bin collections are worse than they were a few years ago if only because of the complexity of the system and the fact that up to six different receptacles per household makes every front garden look like a rubbish dump. In my road we have weekly black sack collections on one side and fortnightly green bin collection on the other which can make for interesting exchanges of goods in the dead of night. Apart from that we have compostable, tins and plastic, glass and paper collections. Additionally there are three large communal bins which get a separate collection. It’s not uncommon to see six different collection vehicles in the street within just a few hours.

The fundamental reason for the degradation of refuse services is E.U. regulation and their puppet government in Westminster’s eagerness to tax all human activity especially when they can pin a ‘green’ label on it. This makes Labour councillor Daniel Francis’s complaint about 24 day gaps between collections in his Belvedere ward, which he has persuaded the News Shopper to publicise, somewhat hypocritical. We wouldn’t be where we are now if his government weren’t so keen to levy punitive taxes to fund their far too numerous quangos and social engineering projects. I suspect councillor Francis used to represent Lesnes Abbey ward, not Belvedere as he does now, because back in 2001 I asked him as my local councillor to comment on the council’s dishonest bus lane policy and unlawful introduction of parking restrictions and the lack of answers from any relevant council department. His response was to refer my letter to the Chief Executive’s office and have them issue me the warning dated 31 October 2001 that I would be regarded as a vexatious correspondent if I dared to question their illegal activities again.

November 2009
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