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Bexley council - vicious and spiteful

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The Bexley Chronicle reports that the parking gestapo were accompanied by uniformed police while sneaking out at night to pounce on parents attending a meeting at the grammar school in Hurst Road, Sidcup. Apparently many of them had parked in surrounding roads with their wheels on the kerb to allow easier passage for passing traffic. The practice does not obstruct the pavement because there is a wide grass verge. More than 100 penalty notices were said to have been issued.

One must wonder who would report this sort of thing or does the parking gestapo monitor forthcoming events to see which might produce rich pickings. Perhaps such behaviour should be expected from the hateful cretins employed by the gestapo but there was a time when one could expect commonsense from our police farce. Not any more it seems as the many stories of their failures and stupidity filling national newspapers will confirm. Presumably there were no criminals up to no good in Sidcup that night?

Bexley council extorts more than three million pounds annually from parking fees and penalties.

November 2009
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