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News and Comment August 2018

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2 August - Wilde celebrations

Well that was a turn up for the books; after resident Chris Brown forensically examined the down sides of building on the Wilde Road open space and a pathetic - I burst out laughing at one stage - performance by Council Officers and their agent, not a single Councillor spoke in favour of the shockingly poor proposal.

Councillor John Fuller’s (Conservative, Northumberland Heath) objections brilliantly hit exactly the right note and his performance was followed by an excoriating attack by Councillor June Slaughter (Conservative, Sidcup). After that the plans stood no chance and it was unanimously rejected.

Full report at the weekend I hope.

And what happened to the promised report on Kent Police’s rejection of my complaint in connection with a certain Councillor’s harassment allegation because I did what any news reporter might have done; reveal the result of a Court case? I’m afraid it fell victim to a demanding old lady in need of help and an inconvenient IT failure.

Suffice to say at this stage that Kent Police still believe it was in the public interest to charge me with harassment. Needless to say their failure to investigate any part of the statement that led to that charge was in their view entirely correct. No one did anything wrong at all - except me.

What a surprise!


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