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News and Comment November 2011

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18 November (Part 1) - 10 things you didn’t know about…

Nice collectionYesterday’s link to Jasper the dog provoked a lot of interest. You can always tell when a nerve has been touched because the number of hits from Parliament and the Greater London Authority goes up, and the phone rings and the anonymous (and some not anonymous) messages come in.

Messages ranged from the ‘who the hell is James Hunt?’ variety to well; I’m not saying. James Hunt tells all about himself on his website.

On council matters he says he is chairman of Children Services Committee, governor of Eastcote Primary School and “a keen supporter of the Bexley Youth Council and in promoting Bexley Youth Services at every opportunity”.

Cub scoutHe is a big wig Scout master, County Executive of the Greater London South East Scouts no less and has been in the Air Training Corps. He has a Bachelor’s degree in theatre and ran a children’s talent agency on the back of it.

One of my correspondents was jumping to conclusions…

“Will the James Hunt news prompt Barnbrook to begin canvassing or leafleting in East Wickham for a third time?” That is so wrong on so many counts. There has been no real news about James Hunt. We know he is a dab hand at Google blogspot, we know he has a dog called Jasper and we know his style of writing when impersonating a Springer Spaniel. Presumably his stage skills come in handy there, but no more is revealed as yet.

I was not aware that Michael Barnbrook had canvassed in East Wickham twice before, I’ll have to ask him. I know that he stood for the British National Party in 2009 and lost by eight votes and I know he will never do that again because he isn’t a member of that party any more - or any other. He once confided to me that joining the BNP thinking he could change the leadership’s corrupt ways was a huge mistake and an act of supreme arrogance on his part. Extending his mission to clean up politics to the BNP ultimately failed, Nick Griffin ensured that. If Michael Barnbrook ever stands in an election again I feel sure it would be as an Independent.

Michael is not really a party political animal. He brought down Derek Conway (former Conservative MP for Old Bexley) and almost single handedly pursued Ian Clement when he was Boris’s second in command at the GLA. He also played his part in the jailing of four expense fiddling Labour MPs. He is not a man who tolerates cheats and liars and is busy right now formulating letters to the Information Commissioner and the police at the highest level about those we have in Bexley.

And to those who ask why the national press has not become involved in Bexley politics, all I can say at present is “Patience, patience”.

Michael Barnbrook’s confidence betrayed with his permission.


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