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News and Comment November 2011

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1 November (Part 2) - Notomob News

The News ShopperAnyone hoping to see something in tomorrow’s News Shopper about Bexley council’s CCTV cars after reading Sunday’s blog may be in for a disappointment. I don’t know for sure but my understanding is that the News Shopper wrote their story but as most people will know, the press is obliged to seek comment from both sides when covering issues such as this. Well it is very possible that Bexley council didn’t get back to the News Shopper with their comment. It won’t be the easiest feature to write, it’s complicated, so maybe extra time is for the best. The story won’t go away. Given that another Bexley resident has been murdered since the last issue I doubt the Shopper is short of things to fill its pages - but my own plans for tomorrow will have to be amended!

I might take the day off. There is correspondence with the Independent Police Complaints and the Information Commissioners which needs to be completed.


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