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News and Comment December 2011

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15 December (Part 1) - The strange case of the disappearing coppers

You will probably remember Detective Inspector Keith Marshall who threatened me with arrest for “criticising” Bexley councillors and you may recall that when I complained about him Bexleyheath’s Professional Standards Unit based at the same address spent six months looking for him without success; well it’s happened again.

The papers released to Olly Cromwell after he was charged with doing something which the prosecution team have since been unable to “particularise“ revealed that the obscene blog perpetrated by one of Bexley council’s cohorts had been labelled a counter-allegation. They also revealed that Bexleyheath police are so deeply in the pocket of Bexley council that they reported me to the Crown Prosecution Service. What for one might ask. To jump at Will Tuckley’s command presumably. I can only guess that the CPS told them to not be so damned stupid.

For the non-crime of ‘criticism’ the CPS were immediately involved. For a hate crime punishable by a spell inside, Bexley police have yet to admit to making a move. Then they wonder why the public generally holds them in such low esteem.Counter allegation
Elwyn Bryant was not involved in the harassment issue, getting his face in the News Shopper several times does not apparently count as harassment. So why was the crime against him labelled a counter-allegation? He has been trying to find out. Naturally no one will tell him but the excuse for not doing so is interesting. They can't find Detective Constable Neil Thomas who wrote the above report.


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