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News and Comment July 2010

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27 July - Bexley council - Pole axed

Yesterday morning I was at Abbey Wood railway station around 6.30 and saw that someone had pulled a No Entry sign and its pole out of the pavement on the Bexley side of the borough boundary. It left a little pyramid of dislodged paving stones with a circular hole in the middle and the pole was gone, possibly the latest example of scrap metal thieving. I reported it by email to Bexley’s ‘Works Direct’ at 06.53 and at 11.51 received a reply to say the hazard would be attended to. This morning I noted that the paving had been repaired and a new stone installed where the hole used to be. I don’t think I’ve had to say a bad word about Works Direct; how come they have a different attitude to most other departments?

While I am handing out accolades, I noticed on my trip down to Ruxley last Sunday that a speed indicator had been installed just before the speed camera on Gravel Hill. I imagine this fine example of common sense is the work of Mr. Filey who looks after that department and who responded so well to my enquiry about the Abbey Road speed indicators. One odd thing I’ve noticed about all Bexley’s indicators that I have driven past is that if I have my speedo on exactly 30 m.p.h. they register 31 but if I do the same in any neighbouring borough they register 29 or even 28.

If Bexley council was all like my experience of Works Direct and of Mr. Filey this website would quickly die but while we have malicious and and none too bright councillors like Craske, Davey and Campbell, incompetent Team Leaders like Andrew Bashford and loons like Miss L. Cairns who twice threatened prosecution of someone who couldn’t find an open bank on a bank holiday, then it seems I won’t be out of a job any time soon.


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