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News and Comment June 2020

Index: 2020

8 June - Monday moans and musings

More on Moore
It’s amazing what readers can find on the net; one discovered that Paul Moore’s appointment in Lewisham is temporary. Gushing praise for the job finder.

One trick pony
I have an enormous file of correspondence with my former MP Teresa Pearce but for her successor I haven’t got a file at all. I am not impressed by her one little bit, maybe it’s because some lives don’t really matter. I wondered if I was imagining it so analysed her recent Tweets and Retweets. Out of 24, 20 were pushing black issues. Abena Oppong-Asare MP appears to be obsessed by race. She is one of far too many in the Commons.

Don’t get sick in Bexley
Another reader input. If you wonder why it takes weeks to get a GP appointment in Bexley these grant figures may be a partial explanation. Source. Health funding

Asking for a friend
Council accounts will no doubt be late this year. Does anyone know when the two week public inspection period will be in Bexley?


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