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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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15 November (Part 1) - The Withdrawal Agreement and Lie of the Day : Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Phone boxI can barely type for rolling around laughing. Jeremy Corbyn says he is going to give me free fibre broadband right up to the door. Hang on a moment while I dry my eyes, have you seen what the red cretin has done to share values already?

The IRA supporting anti-semite is going to nationalise BT, the company I began work for in 1962 and which pays my pension. Known as the (nationalised) GPO back then I was made manager of three City Telephone exchanges (AVEnue, MANsion House and MINcing Lane) in late 1963 and struggled to keep mechanical switches installed in 1928 in some sort of working order while half the staff bunked off early if they could. Investment levels were zero, just a few paint brushes to try to sweep the dust off electrical contacts.

Corbyn hopes you will be lured by free gigabyte broadband at some date far into the future and not notice your Netflix and Amazon subscription go through the roof because all high tech companies are to be taxed to the point of extinction in order to pay for it. There will be no overall saving and service levels will plummet. A three year wait for a shared service line anyone? The economics of the madhouse and exactly why no one in their right mind should ever vote Labour.

Meanwhile the price of necessities like water, gas and electricity will continue to rocket so that you can freeze to death with the only source of heat being a red hot router. The Labour top brass is absolutely stark staring bonkers beyond anyone’s wildest nightmare.

Last Monday I noticed my aunt’s CCTV went down, it has never done that before. 10 minutes later my home phone rang. It was my ISP, they were concerned that they had lost their connection to her router, could I go and check it over? That is private enterprise for you, can you imagine getting a phone call from Loony Lammy or Dippy Diane after nationalisation? It’s no laughing matter really.

The Withdrawal Agreement has been especially hard going. I think we are able to wriggle out of the European Army after the transition period ends but it’s not as clear as I would like it to be. I suppose we must be OK because Boris says so.

Fishing policy gets only 13 lines of text. We may get an opportunity to put forward our views during the transition period. There must be more to come.


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