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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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11 November - The Withdrawal Agreement and Clown of the Day

There has been very little time to read the Withdrawal Agreement or do anything else useful today, the CCTV in East Ham stopped working and required attention but I am now one third through the Withdrawal Agreement.

As expected anyone who works for the EU gets all sorts of tax and pension advantages and will continue to do so; precisely what is not clear because it is all as set out in another document but I think one can safely assume that Mr. and Mrs. Kinnock will be happy. This also applies to employees of all the hangers-on and fringe organisations like the Medicines Agency, the Galileo project and far too many more.

All employees are “exempted from obligatory affiliation to and payment into national social security systems in the United Kingdom” too. The Gravy Train will not entirely hit the buffers next year.

And now at last something we all recognise, the Transition Period. “There shall be a transition or implementation period, which shall start on the date of entry into force of this Agreement and end on 31 December 2020.”

The date that Boris has apparently promised Nigel he will not extend.

I expect there were plenty of Lies of the Day, a politician must have opened his mouth somewhere, but none I saw struck me as especially bad so instead Bonkers brings you the total moron that is Jo Swinson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for East Dunbartonshire a place I used to know well. All distilleries, ship yards, council houses and friendly workshy drunks when I was there. Surely you would have to be drunk to vote for this woman, she thinks that Dianne Abbott is a politician of the same stature as Margaret Thatcher and Barbara Castle.

Utterly deluded as must be all the Lib Dum MPs and anyone else who votes for her.

Far too many MPs display less intelligence than me or you or probably anyone else you will speak to this week.


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