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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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3 November (Part 2) - Danny does a Donald

LabourIt’s nearly ten years since I first told Independent Councillor Danny Hackett that he would never make a successful politician. At the time he was a red hot Blairite and was somewhat taken aback.


“Because you are too damned honest.”

It took me until this time last year to additionally realise that he had become in every way bar Brexit just as right wing as I am.

As we all now know, Danny’s position within the Labour Party finally became untenable when he nailed his colours to the mast over anti-Semitism. He had come a long way since June 2017 when he was the Labour candidate in Old Bexley and Sidcup.

Danny has not only proved to be too honest for his own good but fearless too. He has come out in support of his 2017 rival in Old Bexley reaping the wrath of some rather unpleasant people in the process.

I am sure he meant well but I cannot help but wonder if his intervention may have unintended consequences in the same way that President Trump’s condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn is alleged to have done.
Trump Hackett
Among many others I am still waiting the naming of the Conservative contender in my Erith and Thamesmead constituency. My vote for him is not a foregone conclusion, what if he were to be a Dominic Grieve impersonator? For me the priority must be stopping the UK becoming the new Venezuela.

Maybe there is a clue in this very recent Erith and Thamesmead photo? Who is centre stage with a big wide grin?
Mark Brooks


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