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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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14 March (Part 1) - Don’t count on it Philip

TweetThe problem with your theory Philip is that Teresa will retain a personal following and your party doesn’t have one.

Then lapsed Conservatives like me who have seen what a shower of traitorous incompetents fill the government benches will not risk putting another one there, not even a Brexiteer like Anna Firth. We have seen how any one of them might prove to be a turncoat. Gove, Davis etc. not to mention quislings like Grieve.

Much more likely is that those of us who share your political views will put their cross against whichever non-mainstream candidate looks likely to do their bidding.

Very likely Teresa would come through the divisions and the Conservatives would reap their just rewards.

Always assuming that Teresa doesn’t decide she would rather have her life back.


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