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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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21 June (Part 2) - Danny in Bexley

It is rare to have a Councillor provide any feedback on a blog but it happened quite quickly after I featured Danny Hackett (Independent, Thamesmead East) two days ago. The best I usually get is Councillor Philip Read Tweeting nonsense about me being a Labour Troll and a cretin from Abbey Wood.

Cretin The weird thing is that my politics are probably just a little to the right of Philip Read but I assume he is not bright enough to have worked that out for himself.

But enough of him, did Danny have a gripe with me too? I’m afraid the answer is yes.

He was a little concerned that I had portrayed ourselves as a pair of inebriates. Oh dear, but I must confess there was a small element of poetic license.

I make it a golden rule to drink a maximum of one pint of beer and never more than once a week but Danny led me astray. I’d walked to the pub and Danny persuaded me to have a second pint. He, on the other hand, was drinking beer shandy. A whole pint and a half of it. I remember clearly because I was staggered to discover that shandy costs exactly the same as beer despite the heavy taxation on the latter.

So now you know that neither of us was anywhere near drunk and my recollection of what I read on his phone is not as hazy as may have been suggested.

I remain unsure why Danny joined the Labour Party. Despite my distinctly right wing leanings Danny and I have only one big difference. Brexit. Well just possibly another; he is a fan of Michael Gove, for his creditable back story I believe, whereas I regard him as an irredeemable back stabber.

I was lucky enough to pick up Danny speaking to Michael Gove on LBC on Wednesday. I am rapidly going off LBC, there is too much nonsense spouted between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. I used to like Eddie Mair on BBC Radio 4 but on LBC he is only interested in being a Clever Dick, with the emphasis on dick.

Here’s Danny…

Danny still gets an enormous amount of abuse for his decision to leave Labour and it does their cause no good at all. If I had no real interest in continuing as a Councillor beyond the present term I think I know what I would do but then I may be given to revenge and Danny will most probably play his characteristic straight bat.


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