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Bonkers Blog July 2019

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9 July (Part 1) - No major project runs on time in Bexley

The bins are late and the road works around Abbey Wood station seem to have been going on for ever. Network Rail moved in in August 2013 and built their station more or less on schedule. It opened on the originally forecast date with just a few oddments to be finished off; the lifts being the most obvious.

Gayton Road Gayton RoadIf only Bexley Council could aspire to something close to that achievement but there’s probably no chance with everyone’s favourite roundabout designer Andrew Bashford in charge of Highways.

This was Gayton Road right next to the station at 08:30 this morning. It is still all barriers and holes in the ground.

Look below for what Bexley Council said would happen last October. All done by February!

Even that notice went up way behind schedule. Further down this page you may see what they originally claimed. All done by June last year.

Gayton Road
Gayton Road
The rebuilding of both Gayton and Felixstowe Roads is currently 13 months behind schedule. How’s Felixstowe Road getting along? Not even half done I would say.

How’s Harrow Manorway down to Eastern Way doing? About three quarters done at a guess. Work started in May 2017 and should have finished well over six months ago.
Harrow Manorway
Bexley Council will offer uncooperative utility companies as their excuse.


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