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Bonkers Blog September 2018

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29 September - Playing catch up

The regular photo updates of the regeneration work around Abbey Wood station have been brought up to date after two weeks of neglect.

Crossrail. (Not a lot going on.)
The Harrow Manorway flyover. (The road has been resurfaced and dug up again already.)
Elsewhere on Harrow Manorway. (Taking for ever but progress is being made.)

The Harrow Manorway galleries both include around 300 pictures, they may take a while to load. Perhaps they should be divided in two but in practice that may not help a lot.

Maybe another feature should be started for the tarting up of Gayton Road.

Cheap and nastyMeanwhile in nearby Wilton Road, Greenwich Council has at last done something about the gravel which for the past 15 months has been kicked all over their footpaths. Always a stupid idea and one must fear for the intellect of Council officials who authorise such idiocies. Maybe it helps to explain why taxes are so high and services so poor.

The ‘something’ is not what was discussed with Greenwich Council at a liaison meeting in May 2017 where it was agreed that a buff coloured resin path would be the sensible solution but instead we are given cheap and nasty black asphalt thereby spoiling the overall effect.

It would have been better to have uniformly paved the whole area than install black patches. But that’s Councils for you. Nearly always utterly useless.


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