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20 November (Part 2) - They brought it on themselves

I am one of the million listeners who has deserted BBC Radio 4 for news. My radio used to be glued to 93·5 FM but not any more, I can usually be found listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC in the morning. I occasionally have to turn him off for politically correct nonsense but by and large he is tolerable.

I have listened to him long enough to know exactly what it is that occasionally addles his brain but to mention it here may in this day and age get me arrested by the thought police.

KickingThis morning he was heavily featuring an incident that took place in Wimbledon last Saturday. Some thug had been kicking a police officer in the head and a bystander video’d it. Good evidence I would think.

You have to be insane to kick anyone in the head.

Nick’s theme was to debate whether people should film such events, pass on by or intervene.

Most listeners who called in were not inclined to help a police officer which you may find shocking but is no surprise to me at all.

When I lived in Hampshire and worked funny shifts in central London I would sometimes drive to and from work along the M3 in my 1959 Mini. One incident has stuck in my mind ever since. There was a massive traffic jam and a day or two later it was in the news that a young lady driver who had become hungry while at a standstill for far too long pulled a Kit Kat bar from her handbag and began to eat it.

For that she was charged with not being in control of a (stationary) motor vehicle and I found myself discussing the matter with friends. I remember saying that when the police had alienated every law abiding citizen they would lose the public help upon which they relied.

I have found it increasingly difficult to support them ever since and used to say that if someone like me, no criminal record, no speeding fines, no parking fines, began to hate the police then they ought to be worried.

Penalising motorists for being one mile per hour over an arbitrary speed limit as advocated by several Chief Constables alienates thousands. Not turning out for burglaries and violent offences is simply not acceptable. Dismissing criminal damage as a civil matter is intolerable. How many times have you read of the innocent party in an assault case being the one to be arrested?

IdiotsMy opinion of the police has worsened over the years and I cannot think it could possibly deteriorate further. I have been assaulted by a police officer (mistaken identity) and had a distant relative murdered by the police which has not helped the situation. (Note that I now say murdered by the police and no longer see the need to hedge my bets. Slowly the evidence against them mounts.)

More recently I have been four times attacked by the police at the request of politicians for things I had not done and twice they have lied to me at the highest level when evidence of wrong doing by Bexley Councillors was presented to them.

I know that the Metropolitan Police Force is corrupt because I have a copy of the letter admitting corruption they sent to a member of my family over the cover up of their murderous activities.

I am of the firm opinion that Kent Police is corrupt too and I know for a fact that another county force is because once again my family has the written evidence.

TweetI don’t like to see anyone kicked and can only assume that the perpetrators are high on drugs but would I help the police when they were in trouble? Like most of Nick Ferrari’s listeners this morning, absolutely no way and that is a situation the police have brought upon themselves.

I note that there is a similar discussion on LBC right now and presenter Nigel Farage has his work cut out defending the police against their critics.

I can number two former police officers among my friends and they do not disagree. I am sure they will still be friends after they read this blog.

Back to Bexley tomorrow!


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