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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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18 November (Part 3) - Another Village Market and a new pub

Market There will be another market in Wilton Road, Abbey Wood Village next Saturday starting at 11 a.m. (Click image for more details.)

Once again there will be a variety of food and gift stalls, this time with a Christmas theme. Just as there was in September there will be musical entertainment but in a variation from that launch event stalls will be allowed to spill out from the Abbey Arms car park into Wilton Road.

That expansion is thanks to Greenwich Councillors and Teresa Pearce MP who engineered a way through the bureaucratic red tape.

The expectation is that there will be another market in March possibly on the St. Patrick’s weekend which the Abbey Arms has traditionally celebrated; maybe another before then but no plans made as yet.

Beyond March things are not so easy to foretell, through the Summer months anyway.

The closure of Abbey Wood’s last remaining pub has been deferred until the end of March and although the Abbey Arms owners (Enterprise Inns) have been helpful over the use of their car park, its temporary use for the storage of building materials cannot be discounted.

Once the pub has reopened in late Summer it should be very different. The current landlady has rid the Abbey Arms of the image that kept me away from it for 30 years but it still falls some way short of being upmarket.

Maybe it soon will be. The interior will be entirely ripped out and maybe expanded to be reopened with all day food in mind. Regrettably not at Weatherspoons’ prices apparently but priced at a level likely to drive the remaining less savoury clientele away. Probably we can look forward to beer at £5 a pint but somewhere nice to drop into when arriving home from a day out in London.

I did exactly that with a friend yesterday and there was nothing locally I would want to go to eat. (I quite fancied the Taj Mahal but a food allergy keeps me a way from curries from unverified sources.)


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