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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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8 November (Part 2) - Amazon, what a Prime waste of time. Two orders. Eight days waiting in!

So here’s a bit of a personal rant. I first used Amazon on 15th September 2004, five years to the day before Bexley-is-Bonkers was born. I ordered a copy of the book ‘Untouchables: Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard’ by the journalist Michael Gillard and paid £13·29. Me believing that all police officers are potential crooks is not a new phenomenon.

Amazon greet me every time I log on to my account with the message that I have been a customer since 2010 however it is not the silly things that they get wrong that are annoying it is that their delivery system which is, well, total crap is the only way to describe it.

You wait in all day and if you are lucky the door bell rings after 9 p.m. and you feel sorry for the Romanian who has been out all day earning a pittance and spending most of it on petrol.

But it gets worse than that, how’s this for two week’s worth of absolute incompetence?

LostI made a £27.99 order on Thursday 25th October and with the benefit of Prime delivery (£7·99 a month) they advised a Sunday 28th delivery. I waited around all day and at 10 p.m. an email said it could not be delivered.

Enquiries revealed that the parcel had come from Weybridge to Dartford early on Sunday morning but by late afternoon the delivery driver had simply lost it.

I ordered a replacement the same day and eventually I might get a refund on the lost item. This time Amazon said I would get a delivery on Tuesday. No date, just Tuesday.

LostOn Tuesday 30th October I received a dispatch email which made a Tuesday delivery look somewhat optimistic. Further enquiries revealed that the replacement was coming from Marseille in France and I was left to assume that the promised Tuesday delivery date was actually the following Tuesday 6th November. It actually came on Friday 2nd November. That’s three days waiting in so far.

Yesterday I made another order. Only £6·99 with Prime delivery scheduled for tomorrow, 9th November which was fine as I’m not going anywhere tomorrow.

However early this morning Amazon said it was going to come today but at 18:00 they said it wasn’t. It could come any day now up until next Monday - but not today.

So that will in theory at least be eight days waiting in for just two orders.

Delayed Delayed
I doubt there will be any more Amazon orders unless the item will go through my letter box, not that you can rely on that. A month ago I was sent something that could have squeezed into a fag packet and the box was 18 x 12 inches. I opened it in front of my postman and he was amazed too.


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