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Bonkers Blog June 2018

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7 June - Welcome departures

Railway news
Crossrail Thameslink ThameslinkNetwork Rail which has dominated life in Abbey Wood since August 2013 is moving out. Their main depot was part dismantled a few months ago and this week a crane has been busy removing more of their offices.

I have travelled by train on approximately alternate days since Thameslink services commenced through Abbey Wood on 20th May and for the first few occasions went out specifically to catch one; all were cancelled.

I then reverted to just turning up and catching whatever showed up. Once I just missed a Thameslink train and twice found the next one cancelled; apart from that I never saw one. However this morning the Charing Cross train came in late and I could see the Thameslink train behind it so the wait seemed to be worthwhile.

Well it’s a train. Clean, open and quieter with hard seats and no wifi. Southeastern seems to have about 50% functioning wifi at the moment, maybe a little bit more.

Maxine Fothergill
i) Kent Police are still showing no interest in pursuing the various allegations of fraud and theft.
ii) Kent Police has shown no interest in investigating my complaint that the statement she made about me was almost entirely false and therefore a criminal offence.
iii) Kent Police are investigating their own failure to spot that Fothergill’s statement was untrue.
iv) The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has still not dropped Fothergill’s smokescreen complaint that her business rivals who succeeded in their libel case against her are the real villains of the piece.
v) Sevenoaks Court has awarded £324.45 costs for the malicious allegations made against me. The actual direct costs were £1,338.30 with various incidentals on top.


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