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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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17 July - Councillor Craske is appealing. Yes, really!

Cabinet Member Peter Craske has taken time out from making inflammatory remarks to remarking on inflammatory criminality; the disgusting arson attack on the Lesnes Abbey playground. He made his comments in today’s Press Release.
Press Release

Click to see it all.

Arson Arson Arson Arson

FacebookIf Councillor Craske is looking for witnesses he could perhaps do worse than looking at local Facebook groups.

On Saturday Lisa Marie Smith said she saw around nine boys the previous evening (the night of the fire) armed with petrol cans by the Abbey Wood Sainsbury’s.

Just a three minute bike ride from Lesnes Abbey.

Whenever Councillor Craske calls for the full force of the law to be brought against criminals there is always someone with a long memory who reminds me that Peter Craske has not always been so keen on the law taking its natural course.

Interesting quote from our favourite ‘blogger’
“Those involved in this mindless anti-social activity should know that we will seek to ensure the full force of the law is brought to bear on those responsible for this crime, the penalty for which could be a substantial fine and a prison sentence.”
And a homophobic blog isn’t “mindless anti-social activity” when it comes from a Member’s IP address or is found on his phone/computer? The word hypocrite springs to mind.

Thanks to the police sitting on the evidence against him for eight months and then inviting the CPS to a meeting to see how “his situation could be resolved”, Councillor Craske was never charged with publishing the obscene blog traced to his IP address.


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