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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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5 July (Part 1) - Got it to a Tee

The Trinity Place roundabout - sorry, Tee junction continues to be controversial and claim the occasional victim. One of BiB’s regular correspondents came close to being that victim yesterday, but he was just a few seconds too late.

I was on the Bowling Alley roundabout when I heard the bang but not close enough to see exactly what happened, the damaged vehicles were however clear enough.

Magic RoundaboutIt was about 17:45 when the Magic Roundabout claimed its latest victim, this is the junction designed to look like a roundabout but which Bexley Council insists is a Tee junction.

Many motorists are totally bemused not knowing who has precedence or how they should navigate the junction safely whilst others just barge across and hope for the best. It’s not so long ago that a police vehicle was caught out here.

Tonight¹s collision (4th July) is just another example of the inevitable consequences of Bexley having a totally crass Highways Department. It looks more like a roundabout than anything else. How many more crashes and possible fatalities will it take before Bexley Council comes to its senses and installs a central island and appropriate signage so that all motorists know to treat it as a roundabout?

It is just a crazy junction with constant high blood pressure inducing stand offs between the brazen and the timid with numerous near misses due to misunderstandings as to priorities.

An additional complication is that ALL vehicles exiting Church Road are obliged to turn left towards the Magic Roundabout but if their destination is in the Welling direction they can frequently be seen to do a U turn in the middle of what the Council deems to be a Tee junction much to the consternation of other motorists. If not local how else would a driver know how to get towards Welling?

Bexley Council Highways Department has created two new roundabouts at the Gravel Hill end of Albion Road but left the abomination at the Broadway end. A great example of consistency. I trust we will not have to wait until whoever thought the design was a good idea retires (or is sacked) before common sense prevails.


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