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Bonkers Blog January 2018

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20 January - The Ministry of Misinformation

With my eye off the ball recently a lot of propaganda from the Conservative’s Ministry of Misinformation has gone unremarked however this lie is something of a corker.

LiesIf Bexley Tories want to denigrate Mayor Sadiq Khan that’s fine by me, the worst thing to hit London since the Luftwaffe in my opinion but I very much doubt he personally took the decision to close Bexleyheath police station nor would he have been directly responsible for the later decision to keep it open.

The police and his tame string pullers would have been at his elbow.

Even less likely is that a bunch of Tories wandering around with placards and organising petitions would have any effect; every affected borough did that and few police stations were saved.

The further suggestion that only the Tories can stand up to Sadiq Khan is total nonsense. Labour locally put up a more effective fight against the proposed closure than the Tories.

They wrote to the Home Secretary. Did the Tories?

They wrote to the Mayor’s Office for Policing. Did the Tories?

And they produced a statement on the situation.

Which was likely to be more effective? Tories stamping their feet in a rage against a “disastrous” Mayor or Labour writing well reasoned letters to those in a position to guide Sadiq Khan to the right decision?


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