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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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16 April (Part 1) - The three Jays

The election seems to be passing me by in Belvedere ward, there are only two party choices and I have had one leaflet from each. On Twitter the Conservatives are blatantly electioneering with their brilliant stunt which is basically cut everything for three years and then reverse some of the cuts when an election looms and exaggerate the numbers.

Meanwhile the Tories have the cheek to complain that it is the Labour Party which is electioneering by suggesting that instead of spending £585,000 on a crippled CCTV system they spend £700,000 on one which works as it should.

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It is a bit rich for Council Leader O’Neill to say that Labour intends to fully operate the CCTV for only one year when that is exactly what the Tories propose for their own blatant electioneering.

The ‘funds coming from reserves’ is exactly the sort of lie one has come to expect from O’Neill and Co. Labour made it perfectly clear that the money would come from not giving BexleyCo as much money as the Conservatives will.

Make no mistake; Councillor Teresa O’Neill’s quote in the News Shopper is a very big lie.

For the record this is what was said in the Council chamber when the police took over the CCTV system.

Whilst in Belvedere voters are not given much of a choice, five minutes walk away in Abbey Wood, residents who care about their locality do.

Three independent candidates are on offer. In Greenwich Labour takes it for granted that they will be in power and in Abbey Wood two of their three Councillors live in Eltham and the third has a reputation for ignoring residents and never raising his head above the parapet.

I don’t know any of them although I have reason to believe that the Leader of Greenwich Council, Eltham resident and Abbey Wood Councillor Denise Hyland was behind my sacking from the Traders’ Association job. It is possible that she took exception to the blogs of 8th and 11th September 2017 which linked her name to the anti-social behaviour that was alleged to be prevalent in Wilton Road. If so she must be very thin skinned.

Losing that job did not upset me too much but I would guess that she and her Abbey Wood colleagues have upset her own electors enough to prise them from their keyboards.

In Abbey Wood three Independents plan to give Denise Hyland a run for her money.

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The Labour majority will give the newcomers a very hard time if they succeed on 3rd May, just as the Conservatives did to UKIP in Bexley. They never missed an opportunity to snub them, ridicule them or vote down every proposal they ever made.


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