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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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27 May (Part 2) - Ever the optimist

It wasn’t very realistic to label this morning’s blog with a Part 1 suffix on such a day. I think there were six excursions to Harrow Manorway to see the ugly bridge come down and a delivery of shopping to East Ham on a day when the train service was reduced and the Erith & Thamesmead hustings were on at The Link.

It is one of those weekends when there is so much activity in the North of the borough that there is no time to report it all. I’ve not done with last Wednesday’s Council meeting yet and Thursday’s Planning Committee meeting under its new Chairman has been widely reported as a fiasco. Councillor Val Clark at her best apparently.

Jobsworths JobsworthsHaving let myself in for a Part 2 the Tavy Bridge picture gallery is brought forward from tomorrow, it’s nearly completed anyway. I have not seen my camera so dusty and wet before. It’s supposed to be good for such treatment, time will tell.

Apart from the thump of a concrete span hitting the ground the principal excitement came from a white helmeted jobsworth who complained about me poking my lens through a gap in the fence. He threatened to have me forcibly removed.

It was nice of him to be so concerned for my safety but if it was that dangerous perhaps he should report himself to his employer Econ Construction for putting the barriers in the wrong place.

Two inspectors wearing Bexley Council hi-viz jackets who were inside the fence and a few feet closer to the action began to apologise for his attitude but I made it clear that there was no need and I wasn’t bothered by it. There are more satisfying ways of dealing with jobsworths than arguing with them.


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