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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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12 August - Bexley Council’s “abysmal” website

It’s not much more than a week since my IT expert friend failed to find his way around Bexley Council’s dreadful website and yesterday I discovered that the Bexley Magazine archive has gone leaving only a link to the latest issue. It delivered a 404 error which has since been fixed.

Ridding their website of old Magazines is one way of preventing residents comparing achievements with promises but fortunately my copies are preserved in a file, 2009 through to 2016 when copies mysteriously stopped coming through my letter box. I will leave you to guess as to why that might be.

Only the latest Magazine issue available on Bexley’s website.

Dissatisfaction with Bexley Council’s website is not confined to me and my late friend. This is what another reader had to say about it this week.

Further to the recent sad loss of your friend, I wanted to change the standing order for our council tax from one bank account to another.

Now I am computer literate but the new website is abysmal. It took so long to sort out but finally I managed to register and go to our payments. When I went to change the payment I was redirected to another site where I had to register all over again.

I got an email which I then had to click on which redirected me to the payment site. I then completed all the details. I finally received another email which said 'thank you for setting up direct debit payment' - which made it seem like it was a new instruction rather than a change.

Because I did not want two payments taken from different banks I fired off an email to query this and got one back saying they would reply within twelve working days!!!

Today is nine days later and I still have not heard anything so I tried to ring them.

The main number stated I had to redial a 0345 number (I wonder what the charges are on that). After a wait of 14 minutes (during which time I heard a repeating voice telling me how important my call was) I hung up. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. What a shocking system.

I have just had the post delivered. Two separate letters from Bexley Council. One showing account details and the other confirming the set up of a direct debit instruction. But nowhere does it say “changed”!

All that was needed was to say one was cancelled and the new details are as follows. Surely not too much to ask?

And finally, can I compliment you on being a ‘sad old blogger’ - as always pay no attention.

Note: 0345 numbers are not charged at premium rates and will be included in the ‘free’ minutes of most call packages.


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