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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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10 April - Back to front planning

Wilton Road Wilton RoadHindsight is as we know a wonderful thing and it is easy to look back and say that the Wilton Road regeneration should have started with replacing the street lamps, then pave around them and finally install shop doors that line up with the new paving.

The work was actually done in the reverse of that sequence which is giving rise to a variety of problems some of which will never be fixed.

It was almost inevitable. Mayor Boris Johnson funded the shop refurbishment and said the money had to be spent by this time last year - an extension was given and the work was mostly completed by October 2016.

Greenwich Council came up with the money for improving the public realm and some of the men working on it are reported to have said that the lighting contractor let everyone down, possibly they went bust. So today we saw paving being ripped up that had been laid only last week because now that the Wilton Road paving is more or less done the street lamps on the Bexley side of the road are being belatedly changed.

TwitterThe main reason for returning to the subject of Wilton Road so soon is because yesterday’s report was picked up on Twitter by fromthemurkydepths and my later research proved that part of my blog must be inaccurate.

It said that a drain pipe had been covered last week but a review of old photos showed it in situ last October and its owner confirmed today that it has not been subsequently removed - at least not during shop hours.

However the fact remains that the shutter has been damaged and it is reported that a securing bolt has been severed. None of the photographs provide sufficient detail to confirm it.

But there is no doubt the shutter no longer meets the ground.
With shop doors so close together and no one thinking in advance that the height of adjacent doorways should be the same, providing step free access can only mean a noticeable slope. As a result new shutters have been rendered vulnerable to crowbars and levers. Icy conditions could prove to be a hazard too.

If only the work had progressed in a more logical sequence.


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