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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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3 September - Bexley Conservatives are foul mouthed bullies

TweetIt would be a mistake to think that Bexley’s Conservative Council under the new Chief Executive reserves all its venom for critical residents, there is plenty left over for the opposition parties.

If you go to Council meetings regularly you will know that Councillor Francis (Labour, Belvedere) is close to being the opposition, he and Councillor Borella (Labour, North End) together jump to their feet as often as everyone else combined. As such they incur the wrath of the inner circle of inadequates that call themselves a Cabinet.

A UKIP Councillor confirmed to me several months ago that that is the sort of language (see Tweet) the ruling party uses. Goodness knows what they must call me.

I know via several wagging tongues that there is a general instruction not to talk to me and it seems to work quite well. Such is the power of their kangaroo court (there is one) I have never received any significant information from a Councillor although the postman has twice delivered packages in the proverbial brown envelope.

Another anonymous message arrived yesterday. It said that Finance Director Alison Griffin who has not had especially poor reviews on BiB is “not a nice lady”. Neither nice nor a lady. The same message says that Chief Executive Gill Steward is not all bad because she has had a long standing fault in the ladies toilets at Watling Street fixed which her male predecessors had ignored. “Lay off poor Gill” the message implores.

I think you know the response to that. The Bexley Buffoon went to the trouble of writing to me say that the Government’s recommendation that a table and common sense should be available to journalists of every variety did not apply in Bexley. Criticism of Gill Steward will be as relentless as circumstances allow.


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