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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog May 2016

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Old Farm

18 May (Part 3) - Officially not listed

John Watson who is a regular attender of Council meetings suggested I search for Bexley Council’s Head of Legal Services on the Law Society’s website. John has been watching the Maxine Fothergill business closely and been corresponding with Bexley Council.

Being a helpful sort of guy he sent me a screenshot which drew a blank on the Council officer’s name but being a little on the cautious side myself I repeated the exercise.

This is what I got and things didn’t improve when I removed the word BEXLEYHEATH and searched the whole country.
Law Society
So Mr. Alabi is not registered as a qualified solicitor. I suppose that salaries in that profession being what they are, £68,697 a year is not very attractive to the real thing is it?

If Mr. Alabi is not a qualified solicitor it may not be an entirely bad thing. His predecessor Angela Hogan was a qualified solicitor and when the previous Council Leader, Ian Clement, was found to have helped himself to taxpayers’ money it was ruled ‘no crime’ in Bexley and reports were that Ms. Hogan recommended he was not prosecuted.

Shortly afterwards it was discovered that Clement had pulled the same trick at the GLA, albeit for only one tenth of the amount of money. They took appropriate action and a suspended prison sentence was handed down.

In Bexley, Council crime does pay.


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