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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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7 June (Part 2) - The Masseys complained. See how quickly the police jumped

Ten weeks have flown by since noisy parties held in the Massey’s house at 37 Larch Grove, Sidcup resulted in the police deciding to pay a visit. The vindictive and arrogant Councillors took revenge by reporting their neighbour to the police for the harassment they imagined had taken place. This is exactly what one might expect from people who have been reported as going around the borough clearing it of plebs by shouting out “VIPs coming through”.

AddressThe Masseys’ decision resulted in their neighbour suffering police intruding into her house and an unpleasant interrogation. A couple of days later Natasha Briggs (for that is the neighbour’s name) asked the police for a copy of the complaint against herself and her daughter and patiently waited two months for it to arrive. Then she chased them about it. The police, clowns that they are, had posted it to No. 25 instead of 35. (Click image for their covering letter.)

Eventually, Natasha was able to retrieve the package from the Post Office and guess what? It did not contain a copy of Cabinet Member Don Masseys’s complaint. One can only assume that it consisted of a nod and a wink delivered to a compliant copper.

One of those compliant coppers was Acting Sergeant Chris Molnar, late of Thamesmead, and recently returned to it. I’ve met him half a dozen times, maybe more. He has been at my door delivering newsletters. I once told him that absolutely no policeman could ever be trusted, ultimately they serve their bosses not the public, and many of those bosses are more corrupt than you could ever imagine. (†) Chris Molnar and I remained on good terms.

Acting Sergeant Molnar enjoys and probably deserves a good reputation as an active Community Policeman. I think he understands my point of view.

Anyway, back to the Masseys and the non-answer to the request for a copy of his malicious allegation. The package provided by the police is very poorly presented, no wonder they are known as plod.

The police log reveals that the allegation of harassment was made at 10 a.m. on Saturday 2nd April, four days after the police took an interest in the second of the parties held at the Masseys’ address and the same day as it was first reported here.

Natasha was told when she asked for a copy of the complaint that it was made on the Sunday, not that it makes any difference, Sidcup Police Station is closed to the public throughout the weekend, so the suggestion that Councillor Don Massey took advantage of his position to gain access remains. The log says that it was prepared by the ‘Home Intelligence Unit” (don’t laugh) and the allegation was accepted under an obscure ‘Service’ known as ‘No Crime Refused’. Presumably something reserved for Councillors.

The police report under the section marked ‘Names/warrant numbers of all officers attending the scene’ records only the name of PC Stephens and no warrant number. However the second officer (from another report) was PS23RY Sergeant McInally.

The log goes on for 37 pages but many of them are almost entirely blank. Everything useful is shown below.
PC Stephens’ comment about the teenagers not going outside is incorrect. One of Natasha’s earliest reports to me was that she opened her bedroom window in the early hours of the morning to call those in the garden to keep the noise down and the police log records that Natasha’s daughter Tilly told them the same thing. Consistent reporting is not easy when you are a policeman.

PC Stephens records his interview notes over three pages.
The police report confuses the names Tilly with Victoria Massey, the Councillors’ daughter. Read with care and the intention is reasonably obvious.

Mrs. Massey being condescending and patronising will come as no surprise to anyone who has heard her attempting to take over Council meetings with loud asides about Labour members. She called Councillor Francis a Dickhead. One is inclined to believe Natasha when she says that in a private setting she has heard worse.
In the interests of accuracy, I made two references to the Massey’s daughter in that blog. “She [Natasha] believes that 37 Larch Grove may be used occasionally by the Masseys’ daughters” and “Probably his daughter is only following in her mother’s footsteps. She is no stranger to parties which fall outside of the law.” Natasha’s report made more.
It is perhaps relevant that PC Stephens has reported that Councillor Massey took his action against Natasha on Saturday 2nd April and by early afternoon that day he was writing up his notes. Unusually the blog dated the 2nd was allowed to go on line prematurely. It was published at 11:23 p.m. on the 1st. It is not clear whether of not Councillor Don Massey had seen it when he reported Natasha to the police eleven hours later.

Maybe the two police officers had a copy of the same day’s blog because Massey told them about it, but why did they then tell Natasha that the complaint was not about her contribution to BiB.

One has to ask “Is there any precedent for such a trivial ‘crime’ receiving such prompt attention?” Does anyone need any more proof that Bexley Police is merely a tool of Bexley Council?

Two days later, after Natasha had sought a copy of the complaint against her, PC Stephens was bashing his keyboard again.
After being investigated, checked and countersigned by no less than seven named police officers, the report goes on to say that there has been no crime, which is good, obviously. What is not good is that no one thought to tell Natasha Briggs.

Natasha has asked me how and where to make her complaint.

I think the difficulty will be that the police will investigate themselves and will say they have followed their normal procedures which may even be true. There is the question of the aggressive and patronising interview style but that is difficult to prove too. Police officers probably don’t even recognise that what passes for normal normal behaviour in their circles is not acceptable to civilised people.

Any complaint will likely go around an expensive and time consuming circle and clear the police of all wrong doing. What might be more profitable is questioning Councillor Don Massey’s privileged access to the police and their incredibly speedy reaction to his timewasting complaint. Bexley police has a long history of bending the rules and lying at the request of Bexley Council. The corruption that lies behind it is occasionally extreme and has engaged their Department of Professional Standards (DPS) for years on end. Three successive Bexley Borough Commanders are currently being investigated by the DPS.

If I were Natasha I would go down the political interference into police procedures route, opening an office out of hours for a Councillor and immediate response to trivia, as a minimum reaction.

However it’s not the police who are most out of order in this, once again it is a Councillor who follows in Teresa O’Neill, Peter Craske, Philip Read and Cheryl Bacon’s footsteps by attacking a resident without good reason.

The Massey’s themselves should not be allowed to stand on the sidelines sneering. A formal written Complaint to the Monitoring Officer about abusing their position and bringing the Council into disrepute would be a good starting point.

† I have no hesitation in referring to the Met. Police as being corrupt. With privileged access to aspects of the Daniel Morgan Inquiry because of my family connections, I am absolutely convinced that Daniel was murdered with an axe through his skull on the instructions of Metropolitan Police Officers and Senior Officers right up to Commissioner level have conspired to cover up their involvement.

It has proved difficult to give the Daniel Morgan case adequate publicity because the mainstream media is involved in and is part of the corruption that surrounds the murder, however a series of ten crowd funded podcasts now describes it and the disgraceful behaviour of the Metropolitan Police. Corruption on an unheard of scale. The first of those Podcasts immediately went to Number One on the Apple iTunes download site.

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