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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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19 July - Hanging baskets. It seems like a good idea

TweetDanny Hackett's Tweet is only a few days old and already there are men on the Harrow Inn (Abbey Wood) site putting in fence posts. I think there were four camera shy men in orange jackets hiding behind the bushes in the foreground of Photo 1 this morning.

The site has been an eye-sore for the past six years. The Harrow Inn public house was demolished in 2009 despite being, like Ye Olde Leather Bottle, locally listed.

A message from a reader contrasted the lack of grounds maintenance in Bexley’s parks with the immaculate flower baskets in Broadway. I went to take a look and they are certainly magnificent. I began to count them but gave up, there must have been more than 100 double baskets, one on every lamp post. The watering operation must be an extensive one.

If the baskets are not the work of the Bexleyheath Business Improvement District, then like the BiB reader it would appear to me to be a strange sense of financial priorities from a Council that plans to force the closure of Danson Youth Centre which keeps around 90,000 youngsters usefully occupied each year.

Harrow Inn Broadway Broadway Broadway
The William Morris fountain (Photo 4) was drained on the instruction of Cabinet Member Peter Craske to allegedly save £20,000 a year.


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