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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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31 January (Part 1) - The two weekly Crossrail photo album

Today’s the day when the Crossrail progress pictures get signed off. They have been accumulating for the past two weeks  and from tomorrow the next lot will start appearing here.

Crossrail CrossrailI had hoped to accompany this short report with an up to date account of the problems with the fire escapes at St. Benet’s Catholic Church. I wrote to the man who heads up their campaign a week ago but with no response. I can only assume they are now happy with the morsels thrown to them by Crossrail.

During the past two weeks in Abbey Wood, Network Rail has laid more track, shoved more piles into the ground, not quite finished building the first station wall and seen their contractors fined by Bexley Council while backing their lorries into their site. At the same time Bexley’s idiotic council attempts to curry favour for Crossrail trains to call at Belvedere, Erith and Slade Green. David Evennett MP has been very busy on that front too.

The official word is that the first Southeastern train will call at the new Abbey Wood platform on 22nd February although on Friday I heard the first hint of pessimism creeping into the voice of one of their top site men, but he has a track record for pulling off small miracles so don’t give up hope yet.

The pictures above illustrate how Network Rail tackles problems. One of Bexley’s drains was working in reverse yesterday, water issuing from it and flooding the road. Network Rail was soon out with its suckers and brooms. Contrast that with what Bexley Council does nearby.


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