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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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29 January (Part 1) - Elsewhere it’s business as usual

Bin boxes Bin boxesWhile the boys play cops and robbers life elsewhere in Bexley goes on as normal, which for some people means clearing up after the louts, as they were described to me, who take delight in redistributing household rubbish and the recycling bins themselves. They mean the Serco bin men, not youths misbehaving in an attempt to attract Council funding.

Good or bad bin men is a matter of luck, the littering isn’t a regular occurrence in my road but it happens occasionally.

Here there may be a different problem. You will not be surprised to know that I have done nothing in the garden for the past six weeks so the lack of a Christmas collection wasn’t a problem. I had nothing in the garden waste bin on 15th January either but I thought I should make some attempt to get some value from my (discounted) £33 by trimming a few shrubs yesterday.

Bin boxesWhen I grabbed the bin I found it to be heavy and not empty as it should have been. Worse is that it was nearly half full of lumps of wood and earth contaminated with a great deal of plastic and polystyrene take-away food trays which I had to remove.

There are no passers-by, it being a cul-de-sac, and most properties are flats with no gardens. There are only five houses with gardens and four have paid for garden waste bins. The exception never does any gardening except that I cut his lawn occasionally.

So there’s no easy answer. I will have to consider keeping my bin in the back garden which will be a nuisance.


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