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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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29 April (Part 3) - Abbey Wood becomes a ghost town for another three days (†)

Crossrail CrossrailAs the north of the borough looks forward to another holiday weekend without trains, there is some good news. The two weeks of piling east of the Green Chain Walk alongside Alsike Road has, according to Crossrail’s PR people, finished a week ahead of schedule. Presumably Mottisfont Road across the borough boundary will be next to suffer.

A great deal of work is scheduled over the next three days and because of that the two weekly set of Crossrail pictures has been signed off a few days early. To include the weekend’s work might make the feature unmanageably large.

And what is the weekend work? More track realignment I think but perhaps more photogenic, a 350 ton crane is due tomorrow morning and will make great strides towards completing the podium which spans the track and upon which the station will be built.

Not much more than 18 months now and it will all be done, although not, according to the Crossrail PR man a few days ago, the surrounding public realm work. Speaking of which, I drove over Harrow Manorway just after midnight last night and most of the street lamps were working.

† Ghost town. It’s what the traders said at their meeting last week.


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