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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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22 April (Part 3) - Wilde inconsistency

While Old Farm Park has hogged the limelight recently I tried not to forget that three other green sites have been given the chop too. At least some part of Old Farm will remain whereas Wilde Road and West Street parks will disappear completely. The residents there are not too happy as you might expect…

I love your site, here’s an example of how bonkers Bexley is.

I live on Bronte Close - it’s a cul-de-sac and at the end we have two small bits of land called Wilde Road East and West. The council is selling them even though there is a school in the middle of our very cramped estate.

A couple of years back the owner of a town house backing into the land wanted to extend his garage about five feet onto the grass verge that he owned and which ran down the side of his property!

His planning application was refused three times - the reason, and I kid you not, was that Bexley Council was concerned about losing green space!!

You couldn’t make it up!

Where Bexley Council is concerned, you never have to make it up, they provide quite enough rope with which to hang them. I understand that a compromise solution was eventually found and a small garage extension went ahead.


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