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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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12 September (Part 2) - Water torture. Belvedere Splash Park still threatened

The first Splash Park deadline passed last week and there is almost no information around about what might be happening.

BexleyTwo groups were said to be interested in the early days and that is almost certainly still the case but any cooperation between them is entirely one way. One might have thought that collaboration between the two could only be beneficial but the charity leaders’ offers have fallen on deaf ears.

The commercial organisation backed by Erith & Thamesmead Conservative General Election candidate Anna Firth shows no sign of wanting to speak to anyone.

Putting a business plan before Bexley council is a daunting prospect for the team of volunteers behind Friends of Belvedere Heritage. Bexley council will not make it easy for ‘amateurs’.

Remember how the council turned down Howbury Friends with a proven track record of success in Slade Green in favour of their business friends? To them, volunteers spell Socialism, and it is only business that appeals to Bexley Conservatives.

Bexley council’s invitation to tender.


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