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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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7 September (Part 4) - Death and destruction

A reader told me that if I had been sitting where I am now 75 years ago today things may have been even noisier than they were yesterday with Network Rail shaking the foundations.

She said that German bombers intent on attacking the Arsenal offloaded a few bombs by the side of the North Kent railway line. Six people were killed and several more seriously injured.

DoodlebugI found a brief reference to it which unfortunately does not reveal the exact location but if it is not far from me there are enough clues to enable a good guess.

Perhaps I should tell the lady reader that I am not old enough to have been sitting here 75 years ago but I did manage to survive a similar experience when a Doodlebug had a direct hit on the house next door to where I was born in York Road, Leyton.

I suppose it has to be 1944. One day I must try to look up the precise time and date.


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