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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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29 October - Just photos

Broadway regeneration Phase II
Bexley council usually erects new road signs long after the road rearrangements to which they refer and maybe the new pair at the end of Church Road (Photo 1) is another example. As only left turns are permitted the new signs must refer to Broadway, eastern end. Alternatively they may refer to the yet to be completed western end regeneration, but with right turns prohibited nothing is certain, except that Bexley council must be in a hurry to extend its Restricted Parking Zones.

The new surface at Lion Road is very obviously temporary, it should look very nice in the originally planned golden yellow.
Church Road Lion Road Broadway Broadway

Lesnes Abbey
Those of us who live near the Lesnes Abbey ruins have watched the glacial progress since the old visitor centre was demolished.

These two photographs were taken on 11th January and 25th October respectively.
Today the story went around that the long awaited visitor centre building frame was being delivered but it was a false alarm.

Lesnes LesnesIt was only a delivery of more fence panels to restrict access to an even greater portion of the park.

A large gathering of dog walkers was watching proceedings, at least half a dozen ladies accompanied by more than a dozen canines of varying sizes. They were absolutely scathing about how Bexley council had ruined the park and how it would be even worse once the glass and steel monstrosity of a visitor centre arrives.

Some colourful language was reserved for the vandal who had removed “the 100 year old yew hedge”. Perhaps the ladies were all good Bonkers readers, they certainly knew all about Bexley’s sham consultations. Maybe the message is getting out at last.

Money down the tube
Lesnes’s new playground slide is coming along nicely.
Slide Slide Slide Slide
Slide SlideI learned from the installer that the original slide at this site was the first of its type in the country and they have since been installed as far away as Australia. However Bexley’s new one is not the most expensive at just over £100k. One installed in Romford cost £140,000.

The smaller structure which survived the fire is to be thoroughly cleaned before the men go back to their base in Alton, Hampshire.

Bog off
The traders in Wilton Road Abbey Wood are a bit happier. The portable toilet parked in front of a shop doorway has gone. It was removed yesterday on the instructions of Bexley council’s inspector in his luminous yellow jacket. It is now in Gayton Road where it causes no problem.

Crossrail CrossrailOnly a few weeks ago UK Power Networks filled in their hole and resurfaced the road. Rerouting the utility services so that they don’t run under the new station appeared to have been completed. It was what was said at the Crossrail Liaison Panel meeting. Gayton Road almost done, Felixstowe Road completed by next week. Some hope.

The utility hole gets ever bigger and one of the men told me I had not seen anything yet!


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