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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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8 October (Part 2) - Bexley Times. Welcome back

What little feedback I heard on the subject was that the magazine style Bexley Times that has been distributed in the south of the borough for the past couple of years was not well received. ‘Straight in the bin’ was what a couple of my colleagues who live down that way said.

In reality there were quite often some decent feature articles in it, more serious and thoughtful than is usually seen in its main rival, but I must admit that it always felt like hard work to find the gems among the adverts.

So it was a relief to see the announcement in last week’s issue that they would revert to an old style newspaper today. This is their first front page headline feature.
Bexley Times
Switching off the lights is something that Bexley council has said very little about and which should be watched like a hawk, or should that be owl? Maybe I should forgive Archant Community Media Ltd (Docklands and East London Advertiser) from reporting that I am a Vexatious Fascist Blogger.

The News Shopper by contrast came up with one of their least interesting front page headlines for some while. I know just how difficult it is to keep things lively when nothing interesting is going on, there have been a number of turkeys here in recent weeks, but a man who was filling his petrol tank when the pump was switched off in error? The flying car in Geddes Place (relegated to Page 7 with a picture from BiB) may have been more interesting.
News Shopper
There’s more good stuff in today’s Bexley Times. The bin fiasco, an interview with Teresa Pearce MP and quite a lot on plastc bags; on the letters page too.

I wonder for how long they can keep that up.


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