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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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10 November (Part 3) - Bonus bins

Bin Both Peter Craske and Teresa O’Neill said last week that the last of the long outstanding bins would go out by next Friday and that appears to be happening. On Twitter, on Streetlife and by email the good news is spreading fast. One overjoyed resident even sent me a picture with the bin proudly daubed with her address. A good idea, my bin has taken a walk twice already.

An email, from where I am not sure, said a second bin had arrived. The first came in the September batch but now it has a companion.

It's the first time I have come across someone with an additional bin, up to five can be ordered, so a second delivery is new territory to me. It was news to the resident too. He neither ordered a second bin nor paid for one.

There is no pleasing some people. He is complaining that there is insufficient room for one bin in front of his small terraced house. Now he has two.

Never mind. It will soon get stolen.


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