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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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9 November (Part 1) - Yesterday’s news

If you are really bored the Daily Mail’s website might provide a few minutes of entertainment.

It is obsessed with reality TV shows and surgically enhanced Essex girls which somehow makes it the most visited website in the world. It covers news items too and the readers’ comment columns appear to be the sole preserve of UKIP supporters; but it is all good for a laugh and it’s sometimes good to get away from Bexley council matters.

Daily MailUnfortunately this morning The Mail served only to drag me back to Bexley council, and their report was once again good for a laugh. But not for the right reasons.

None of the people named as being overpaid Bexley council employees work there any more. Mark Charters not only left almost 18 months ago, he has subsequently fled from his new job too.

You shouldn’t believe all that you read in the papers.

The Tax Payers’ Alliance survey in 2011 reported that Will Tuckley was the sixth highest paid council bureaucrat in the country. Since then he has been left well behind.

Click image to read the Daily Mail report in full.


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