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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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13 May - Slow news day

When there is nothing much to say should one shut up and attract more web hits because regular readers keep coming back to check, or find something, anything! to fill the void? Still not sure after five years of near daily blogging.

Today I had a DIY job planned. Not especially difficult but potentially dangerous single handed. A friend came over from Bromley to help, arrived half hour late and the first words were “bloody Bexley council, they really are crap”. It transpired that a traffic queue extended from the centre of Sidcup to Chislehurst Station. It’s going to be the same tomorrow apparently but to be fair to bloody Bexley council I believe it is emergency gas works. And Sidcup wouldn’t recognise itself if its roads were not jammed solid.

Speed cameras
Yesterday’s report on speed cameras in Brook Street provoked more such reports. Be careful in Bexley Road, Erith (a steep hill again) and North Cray Road too (designed for 60 m.p.h. working but now reduced to 40) where it is said new pairs of yellow money makers have sprung up.

News Shopper
It was not a good day for local newspapers. The News Shopper offices in Petts Wood are to be closed and the operation merged with their South West London base. Another money saving measure.

As if to prove my suggestion that too much news is nothing more than regurgitated Press Release, the News Shopper today reported that the first Crossrail track had been laid between Plumstead and Abbey Wood. The pictures were almost identical to those published here on 22nd March.

The reason is that Crossrail issued a Press Release today.

Incidentally, Abbey Wood station is scheduled to have its roof removed on Saturday 16th May and the walls knocked down on Sunday 24th. In both cases the main activity is due to start in the early afternoon. The morning will be devoted to protecting the site and making it safe.

The Socialist Republic of Newham
I had to make an unscheduled trip to Newham today, the elderly aunt has taken a tumble and is in Newham’s University Hospital. Another pretentious name, I’m sure it used to be called Newham General. The incident has delayed this ‘filler’ blog by six hours and I suspect it will take up a lot of time over coming days with a similar impact on BiB.

I’ve stopped trying to get through to Newham’s council tax office and there has been no reply from and as far as I know they still plan to prosecute the 95 year old for non-payment of council tax. I am hoping their written confirmation that a direct debit authority is in place and the bank statements showing an up to date payment record will be an adequate defence in court.


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