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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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10 March (Part 2) - Blameless in Bexley. Balls up in Belvedere

I took Stefano Borella’s Tweet too literally and took the bus to Bexleyheath to take a look. However there was nothing there but yellow signs and big black patches.

TweetArnsberg Way is a mess and is going to be a bigger mess from two months. The blocks are breaking up even on the straight sections not just where buses constantly turn.

Clearly Bexley council approved a totally inadequate road design and as my bus returned through the £100,000 splendour that is the new Northumberland Heath I found myself pondering Conservative reactions to municipal incompetence.

Patch PatchIf you spend around £400,000 on a water facility that gave joy to tens of thousands for nine years and it proves in the end to be not the best of future proofed design, the ruling party that sanctioned it are a bunch of incompetent tax raising twerps.

But if you spend eight times as much on a new road that annoyed more people than it pleased and it begins to fail in under a year and heavily used junctions collapse totally six month later, it’s not the fault of any politician, it’s the designers what done it!

Teflon Teresa again.


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