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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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8 March - This Website

While Bexley council slashes its spending, except on themselves, Bonkers has been undergoing massive changes beneath the bonnet. The breaking up of the monthly blogs into daily sections to reduce the data load on mobile users in particular which began in late January has been extended right the way back until 2009.

I had predicted it might take six months but in retrospect I think that was a serious underestimate. However a reader in Welling stepped in and did the job in under a month. I have no idea how he managed to stick with it, presumably there has been nothing worth watching on the telly but I am enormously grateful to him.

IndexIt is probably worth relating what new new facilities there are. The blog Index pages are constructed on the fly from blog titles. If you want the blog in the old month style, click the underlined month heading. If you prefer a single blog presentation just click on the one required.

When viewing in single blog mode a ‘Today’ icon appears. Click it and the single blog will be extended with a full set of today’s blogs if there has been more than one.

Today MonthAt yesterday’s film show one BiB reader further explained his way of reaching Bonkers. If you are viewing an old blog in single view mode, a blue topped icon will gather together and present all that day’s blogs. When viewing today’s blog both will do the same thing.

For technical reasons the icons shown here cannot be made active. They would fail disastrously if you are viewing in month mode. The full month mode, like the Index to blogs, is constructed on demand and cannot itself construct another virtual page.

And a reminder of last month’s innovations. goes directly to the most recently available blog and displays all of the current month’s blogs in a single page.

These changes have caused delays to the implementation of the revised graphics presentation and many old pages still have text which does not wrap around the images. The problem will be fixed eventually.


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