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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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6 March (Part 1) - Anna Froth. Chicken

ChickenWhy did the chicken cross the road?

Presumably to avoid questions.

Anna Firth, Conservative PPC, is trying hard to curry favour with the Erith and Thamesmead electorate. I suspect she is as good a Conservative candidate as any and that if I met her I would be agreeing with a good deal of what she has to say. So why am I unimpressed?

The usual reasons. She doesn’t know the area and I am sure is just as insincere as any other politician parachuted into an unfamiliar constituency. Being so closely associated with a councillor with misogynist tendencies doesn’t help.

Yesterday morning she was inviting people to ask her questions, so I did.

Tweet“Do council meetings in Sevenoaks resemble those in Bexley in any way?” Ms. Firth occupies a finance position there.

Not exactly the most testing of questions, but 24 hours later she has not replied.

In the two months until the May election this blog, on present trends, will attract more than 100,000 views, up around 20% since last May which was the previous peak. Ok, half of them, come by mistake or to steal photographs, but what they now seem unlikely to be able to do is read anything positive about ‘Anna all superficial froth’.


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